10 Reasons Why Getting Older is a Good Thing

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getting older

‘… your later years are some of the most enriching, exciting and rewarding’

It seems like we live in a time that loves youth. From the ever-present focus on the beginning of your adulthood, headlines that thirties are the new twenties plus all attempts to hold onto that youth as long as possible (think wrinkle-reversing creams), youth is seen as desirable and profitable. However, life doesn’t stop after 40. In fact, your later years are some of the most enriching, exciting and rewarding. At ThinkLiveNatural, we think that getting older is not only a good thing but something to be celebrated. Here are 10 reasons why…

You know yourself better

You no longer feel like you have to change who you are for anyone. You know what you like and what you don’t like. As for fashion, trends come and go but you know what also works for you (and will stick to them forever). On the other side of that, you’re always open to new things (as long as they fit in with your lifestyle).

With age comes confidence 

As you’ve gotten older, you’re not afraid to say what you feel. Whatever that may be. Career. Sex. Money. You’re not as anxious to ask for what you want (and probably deserve).


Now you are definitely settled in your relationships. You understand the importance of a good relationship, be it platonic or romantic. You hold the two keys to a great relationship (trust and communication) dear to your heart. Your circle of friends has gotten much smaller over the years. You have a handful of people who may have been in your life for a long (or short) time, but the great thing is you trust and love each of them equally and have formed special bonds. You’ll take these any day over tons of friends and contacts.

getting older

No longer sweating the small stuff 

Along the same lines of confidence, is the anxiety that seems to be synonymous with being a young woman in the world. Stuff happens, but your attitude to it has definitely changed. With age, you have experience that everything works out in the end.


Far from not knowing what you want to do with your life, you’ve hit the career jackpot. You’re more likely to be more settled in your career and satisfied with your position. You’ve tried different career options, started at the bottom, worked your way up, forged your own path that is unique to you.

Body image

The saying is true, you only have one body. You’ve now been with your body for quite a while. All scars and curves are uniquely yours and you own them. You love your body for the way it is, but it took years to get here. So long “summer body” and the latest detox diet, your body is the way it is and is perfect for it.getting older


Unlike before, you revel in what life has to offer you. Yes, all those stories, mishaps and drama of your earlier years are lessons learned. Consider them stories to tell you children or grandchildren.


Only yours (and a select handful of loved ones) matter. You no longer care about the opinions of others, and as a result are much happier for it.


In all areas of your life, you have say in every aspect of your life. You’re the boss.

You wear your age like a badge of honour

Getting older is a blessing. Think of the alternative and you’ll come to appreciate how far you’ve come in life.


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