9 Signs That You Might Be Experiencing Menopause

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‘This is a subject most women dread. Even fewer understand it until the time comes when it actually happens.’

The few years leading up to the age of 45 can be rather dramatic for a woman. This is usually around the same time you can expect certain natural changes to start occurring. This could be when you begin to see the first signs of menopause…

This is a subject most women dread. Even fewer understand it until the time comes when it actually happens. But forewarned is forearmed, as they say. So here are 9 possible signs that you may be experiencing menopause.

signs of menopause

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1. Your periods in recent years have been particularly heavy.

So heavy in some instances that you were forced to go through several tampons and still felt uncomfortable. It’s also a sign when these heavy periods seem to stretch on for a few weeks, stop for a while, and then start up again all of a sudden.

When periods become significantly overwhelming that they seem to define your existence, then you should know that menopause is lurking closely around the corner.

2. You’re not generally an irritable person, are you?

No, you’re not. But perhaps recently you’ve been overly touchy and ready to wage world war three at a moment’s notice. When the tiniest of issues just make you want to blow your top, it is probable that your moods are merely reflecting the hormonal changes taking place.

You also feel withdrawn, crave solitude and wish you could just run away sometimes. Sound familiar? Especially if almost everyone in your life suddenly fails to understand you, but then you realise they haven’t actually changed much, you have.

If you feel constantly driven to unleash the ferocious lioness inside, you might actually be right at the door of menopause.

3. It’s also a very significant sign to be aware of when you find it virtually impossible to control your body weight.

signs of menopause

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No matter what you eat, even if it is purposely minuscule, your weight seems deliberately bent on reaching astronomical heights. Also, take note if you’ve jumped a few dress sizes in the shortest time ever.

Another way of knowing that menopause is to blame for all this is if physical activity seems to make little impact on your weight, or rather you have to exercise even harder than usual just to maintain your weight.

4. Most women find this one scary but we can’t hide the truth now, can we?

Instead, we can shave it, tweeze it, wax it and whatever it takes to avoid ghastly facial hair. This one also seems to creep up on you without you realising it. You hope though that you will notice the changes in the mirror long before people around you do. A mustache comes with menopause whether you like it or not. It just means you have much you can do about it, that’s all.

5. Hot flushes! And night sweats. Definitely the most awkward of recurring feelings associated with the stage of menopause.

Be warned, all the normal human methods of staying cooler do not help, when your body feels like a raging inferno. It can get terribly cumbersome at night when you battle between pairs of pyjamas and finding the right position to sleep in. Blame it on the hormones again because you probably have menopause.

6. Are you starting to look somewhat like a spotty teenager again, but feel terribly the opposite?

The unwelcome return of acne at this formidable stage of your life is yet another hint at the obvious. It’s all to do yet again with all the wildly erratic behaviour going on with your hormones. Pity it can’t keep itself hidden on the inside and insists no showing up on your skin. That’s menopause for you.

7. You’re only forty something I know, but the memory lapses will make you feel quite ancient.

It happens. Also a clear sign you’re menopausal. Everything from your keys to the TV remote seems to vanish before your eyes. It was just there. Now where is it? What about forgetting where you are in the middle of a conversation, repeatedly? Forgetting names and other critical details. If you find yourself developing the good habit of writing things down in order to remember, after all, these years, you’re there…or is it here?

8. Just when you think surely that’s the last of it, there’s nothing like the emotional roller coaster to remind you why it’s so tough being a woman.

signs of menopause

Via Pexels: Ravi Kant

Sudden waves of anxiety and depression, most of the time for no apparent and justifiable reason. Are you breaking down a lot, balling your eyes out, and questioning the very meaning of life? You’re probably menopausal and frequent panic stations come with the territory.

9. And if losing your mind isn’t enough, you also have to face the reality that you might end up bald.

Hair loss that looks undeniably scary in the basin, the bath, and almost anywhere you sit is a definite symptom that menopause is here to stay. Particularly when your hair thins out so badly that you are beginning to see your scalp. If it’s any consolation you now know the secret behind why older women like to keep short hair cuts.

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