Natural Beauty Products Review #8

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Here at ThinkLiveNatural, we love natural health and beauty products. We’re all about using products with minimal synthetic ingredients and low negative impact on the planet, whilst still looking good of course. Although we know that natural is a word thrown around quite often, we know good natural products when we see them.


Kikiko Organics


Coconut oil has become extremely popular over the years, and it’s no wonder. It’s rich in vitamins and works wonders on hair and skin (as well as in food). US brand Kikiko Organics definitely know this, as their line of organic, handcrafted products are coconut-based.

The natural beauty brand uses only virgin coconut oil in their products, and ensures that the ingredients are nourishing on the skin; with plant-based, organic, food-grade and SLS-free ingredients. They take eco responsibility seriously as their ingredients are ethically sourced and not tested on animals. To ensure optimal product, Kikiko Organics only create small batches of their products.

The Products

We received four products from Kikiko Organics.

Coco Bar – Clean and nourish your skin with this creamy soap. Enriched with over 70% virgin coconut oil, this works to soften and hydrate the skin. All Coco Bars are free from parabens, silicones, preservatives and GMOs.

Coco Bar Sericin – As well as virgin coconut oil, this Coco Bar also contains sericin, which is a natural silk protein that mimics the amino acids found in the skin. The benefit of using this ingredient is that hydrates the skin as well as imparting it with collagen (which we’re known to lose as we get older).

Coco Bath – A refreshing yet moisturising sulphate-free body wash includes more than 50% of virgin coconut oil, sericin and other skin-nourishing ingredients that hydrate the skin.

Coco Gel Body Soufflé – The first of its kind, this body soufflé is virgin coconut oil in gel form, allowing for ease of use. A truly innovative product that moisturises without leaving sticky residue.

The Verdict

We love coconut oil – so it was only fitting that we’d love Kikiko Organics too! Their products really show the attention to detail – from their ingredients to their packaging. Find out more about Kikiko Organics on their website and their social media channels: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


Emani Vegan Cosmetics


‘More than just great makeup. It’s where great skin begins.’ This is a statement that perfectly fits the all-natural California-based company, Emani. Started in 1998 by founder Michelle Doan, who suffered with cystic acne and sensitive skin for a long time. With her own experience of having troubled skin, she created a range of 100% vegan, gluten-free makeup products that care and protect the skin, making it perfect for even the most sensitive and acne-prone skin.

One thing that sets them apart from other brands is their transparency- on their website, the (very short) ingredients list for each product is listed. Michelle emphasised the importance of creating products that enhance your natural beauty but that do not disrupt the skin (as makeup can sometimes do). What’s more is that the entire range is PETA-certified.

The Products

Now onto the products…

Perfect 10 Primer Serum – Enriched with skin-loving ingredients such as aloe vera juice, white tea, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and coconut oil, this primer is designed to minimise pores and effectively extend makeup wear. Unlike other primers, Perfect 10’s ingredients mean that it can be used on the skin just by itself.

Lip Shine in Blush – A highly nourishing lip gloss that offers a rich array of shades. Shea butter and mango butter hydrate the lips, so even though it’s not a lip balm, it works well as one. We received Blush, a rich tangerine shade that works well in the summer and autumn months. Emani recommend to use Lip Shine by itself or over lipstick for a bolder colour.

Soy Mascara – A perfect, everyday mascara that lengthens and separates the eyelashes. With soy protein and rosemary extract, this mascara strengthens and lengthens eyelashes.

Eye Trio in Tango – An eyeshadow trio enriched with squalene, vitamin E and grapeseed extract to care for the delicate eye area. The three colours in the Tango palette are perfect for day and night, use the shades on their own or together.

The Verdict

It’s clear that this brand cares as much about your skin as it does the makeup. Emani has excellent products that are a win for your skin, wallet and the environment. Visit Emani’s website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more information.


Organic Shop


‘Simple, pure, natural.’ That is what Organic Shop aims to be. Hailing from Russia (where the brand are extremely popular), Organic Shop sources ingredients from raw plant materials, organic plant oils and essential oils. On the other hand, the brand actively avoids using SLS, parabens, synthetic fragrances, colourants and silicones.

The Products

Organic Coffee & Sugar Body Scrub – Formulated with sugar, ground coffee, coffee bean oil as well as moisturising shea butter, this body scrub invigorates the skin and boosts your mood.

Organic Morning Coffee Face Gommage – This gommage gently exfoliates the skin with cocoa bean powder while olive, coffee and macadamia oils enrich the skin. Kaolin and salicylic acid cleanse the skin, making it perfect for acne-prone and congested skin.

The Verdict

Sometimes simplicity is all that is needed, and this is no different for your skin. Organic Shop offer the perfect products for when you want something simple yet effective. You can find their products here.


Beth and Olivia


What do you do when you can’t find products suitable for sensitive skin? Make your own. Of course, this isn’t a route that many would take but Annie, founder and creator of Vancouver-based brand, Beth and Olivia, did exactly that. The brand, which specialises in handmade skincare, bath and body products, started because Annie couldn’t find a natural product to help her daughter’s eczema. Ever since, Beth and Olivia has provided simple yet effective formulations that care for the skin without exuberating any existing conditions.

The Products

One thing to note was the lovely packaging – the items we decorated with simple white and black labelling that was consistent across all products. The box we received the soap in was fitting of the brand image and something we would happily pass on to friends (without wanting to repackage).

Early Grey Lip Balm – Inspired by Earl Grey tea, this bergamot-scented lip balm is enriched with cocoa and shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil and beeswax to ensure moisturised lips.

Foot Butter – Moisturise dry feet with this convenient portable foot butter. It contains moisturising ingredients such as coconut oil, beeswax and shea butter as well as neem oil, peppermint oil and tea tree oil for its anti-bacterial properties.

Bird Earl Grey Guest Soap – Another one for Earl Grey lovers, this incredibly handcrafted guest soap is infused with bergamot oil as well as hydrating ingredients such as oat protein, coconut oil and glycerine to nourish the skin. The guest soap is also available in an owl shape.

The Verdict

We simply love Beth and Olivia, their products work as a treat for sensitive skin and as well they would work as great gifts. Visit their website for more information and their social media channels as follows:







One of the biggest deterrents from fully overhauling your routine from traditional to natural beauty products is usually the lack of affordable priced products. Over the past few years, this has slowly become less of a problem. One of the brands that have contributed to this are Laidbare. Founded in 2006, Laidbare come about when founder Sarah noticed the difference in her skin after using natural skincare. She wanted to create products that nourish the skin and keep it healthy. Sounds perfect, right? Keep reading to see more about their products…

The Products

Smooth As A Peach Cellulite Buster – Treat the skin with this toning body cream designed to target cellulite. Enriched with caffeine, aloe vera and elderflower extract, this cream tightens, tones and hydrates the skin.

Scrub A Dub Dub Daily Face & Body Exfoliator – Get rid of dead skin cells with this corn powder-based scrub that is both cleansing and moisturising.

Pack Your Bags Eye Cream – The eye area is extremely delicate, protect it with this aloe vera, green tea, vitamin B5 infused eye cream. It brightens, hydrates and tightens the under eye area.

Guess My Age Anti-Ageing Treatment Cream – Keep your skin looking healthy with this moisturising cream enriched with glycerine, aloe vera and passion flower oil.

The Verdict

Laidbare is our choice for affordable, natural beauty products – simply because they work (whilst being kind to our pockets)! From their Instagram hashtag, #laidbarewecare, to their effective ingredients, we can truly tell that Laidbare care about the health of your skin. To find out more about Laidbare, visit their website, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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