5 Priceless Tips For Flawless Skin

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tips flawless skin

Clear skin is easily at the top of every woman’s list (beauty-wise, at least). One of the biggest components to having good skin is having a proper skincare routine. The act of cleansing, toning and moisturising twice a day not only cleans the skin but gives you time to look after yourself. Effectively it brings you one step closer to clear skin. Yet there are five overlooked steps that are equally as important as your skincare routine. These five skin steps are fairly easy and common sense but often times we forget how much they impact the skin. Keep reading to get your skin looking in tip top shape…

1) Exercise

Regular exercise not only improves overall health and general wellbeing as well as stamina and agility, it also has a positive impact on your skin. Exercise increases blood flow, which carries oxygen to all cells in the body, including skin cells. The benefits of exercise are many, as it also works to relieves stress, improve sleep quality and improve mood. Aim for at least 30 minutes a day, and over time skin will appear more radiant, clearer and firmer.

2) Eat well

tips flawless skin

Alongside exercise, diet plays an important role in the appearance and health of your skin. Aside from severe skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, the appearance of your skin is often telling of the condition of your digestive and respiratory system. Face mapping, a practice rooted in Ayurvedic medicine, teaches this sentiment exactly: certain organs are linked to areas of your face. With this in mind, it is clear to see that food does play a part in your skin.

For example, the sugar found in simple carbohydrates, carbonated drinks and fruit juices causes a massive increase in insulin levels and inflammation which leads to an increase in oil production and a decrease in collagen production (which is what keeps your skin plump and firm). On the other hand, there a number of foods which have a great benefit on your skin. A diet full of healthy fats, fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and wholegrains is your best bet for healthy skin. Foods such as salmon, avocado, eggs and nuts are just a few examples of foods that work to reduce inflammation in the body and provide vitamins to skin cells (and give you radiant skin).

3) Get some Zzzz’s

We all know the importance of a good night’s sleep. After enough hours, you feel refreshed and ready to take on the day. However, sleep doesn’t just affect how we feel but also how we look. It’s called beauty sleep for a reason. Lack of sleep is said to cause premature aging and sallow skin. It also increases cortisol levels in the body and causes inflammation. Sleep is the body’s time to repair cells and tissue. Ideally, you should get between 7-9 hours a day for healthy skin.

4) Reduce stress

tips flawless skin

Did you know that stress affects the skin? Stress increases cortisol, which in turn increases inflammation. This leads to more reactive skin and pre-existing skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis and rosacea being aggravated. Effective ways to reduce stress in your life includes practiced stress relief such as yoga, meditation and controlled breathing. Generally, exercise, plenty of sleep and taking your time out for yourself are proven to reduce stress.

5) Consider supplementation

You may also want to consider supplementing your diet, as it’s nearly impossible to get all the right nutrients from food. Supplements are rich in vitamins that have numerous benefits of the skin. As with anything, do your research to find the right supplements for you.

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