The Top 10 YouTube Workouts to Keep You Fit in the Fall

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10 best youtube videos

‘YouTube is a great resource to find free workout videos.’ 

If you couldn’t tell, we love fitness here at ThinkLiveNatural (just click here to see the proof). What better way to challenge your body, de-stress or energise (depending on what you’re going for) than to spend some exercising. You learn more about your body and the benefits are endless.


As the seasons change, we begin to embrace comfort more than ever (think thick jumpers, filling foods, and hot drinks) and this means more time spent indoors. Going outside to workout in colder temperatures is suddenly less appealing but don’t fret, your fitness routine doesn’t have to suffer. With a little bit of planning and a few tweaks here and there, you can stay on track with whatever goals you have. We’ve briefly spoken about at-home workouts over on this article as an excellent way to exercise in the comfort of your home. YouTube is a great resource to find free workout videos. Little is required, save for a laptop/television and a yoga mat. Scroll down for our top 10 YouTube workouts to keep you fit all throughout fall (and winter)…

If you want…

A Stronger Body, Try Strength training/Resistance training

Often cardio is considered the most important part of a fitness routine, the benefits of strength (or resistance) training far outweigh those of cardio. It has been noted that over time, strength training improves body function and reduces the risk of a number of conditions such as osteoporosis, diabetes and heart disease. Almost immediately, you can expect to feel stronger (which means more effective workouts). Consider strength training as an excellent way to challenge your body.

This 30-minute full body strength training workout works each major muscle in the body. The instructor goes through the exercises in segments, meaning that you can rest in between if you need. For this, you’ll need a set of weights.


Here is another total body strength training workout. This time, one for the people who easily get bored easily (which is most of us). We’re sure you’ll appreciate the change in exercises, that’ll keep your body (and mind) challenged.

Low-impact, Try Pilates and Yoga

Pilates and yoga are excellent ways to work the muscles in a different way than your average workout. For one, their low impact nature means that you can do them any time. However, don’t mistake low impact for easy! These exercises require concentration and core strength (which can be built up over time). The benefits are clear: improved posture, core strength, flexibility and increased muscle strength as well as the added benefits of stress management, relaxation and better concentration.

This video by Pilates expert, Cassey Ho, is one that we’ve tried (and love) here at ThinkLiveNatural. It’s perfect for beginners, as it goes through the basics of Pilates as well as fundamental moves and breathing techniques that will be useful once you move onto more difficult exercises.


Likewise, this complete beginner 20-minute yoga sequence is a great choice for those looking for a more “mindful workout”. Anyone can do this, but it is particularly popular with those who suffer from back pain or those who can’t do regular exercises due to injuries.


High intensity, Try HIIT

High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT as it’s known as, has become extremely popular over the years, becoming an “It” workout in its own right. According to studies, HIIT training burns more calories in a shorter space of time (think 30 minutes) than say, jogging for an hour. It’s not only this that has people interested but its other benefits that range from increased metabolism and its challenging nature (which makes it harder for the body to get used to, meaning less chance of a plateau).

This workout includes intervals that are designed to get your heart rate up, break a sweat and keep you on your toes. HIIT exercises are known for being a challenge, for lack of a better word, and this one is no different. If you’re up for a challenge, try it and watch you fitness level rise!


High-energy Fun, Try Dance

What’s a workout without a little fun? We think that the only way to get exercise into your daily routine is to keep it varied and keep it fun. Dance is definitely fun and not without its benefits. While you’re moving you are improving muscle, stamina, balance and bone strength. Also, regularly going to dance workouts is a great way to improve your social life, self-confidence and overall wellbeing.


This self-titled 30-minute dance party is a sure-fire way to get moving whilst having fun. We’re sure by the end of this you’ll be smiling as much as you are sweating!


To Break a Sweat, Try Cardio

Cardio is a classic form of exercise for a reason. It works. After time, you can expect to have more energy, sleep better, be stressed less and increase your protection from heart disease, cancer and osteoporosis. Our bodies are made to move, so the benefits only become greater as time goes on (and your fitness routine advances).

The options for cardio on YouTube are endless, meaning that you’ll always have a new workout to try. For now, here is a 20-minute cardio workout, which is reminiscent of old school 80s workouts. It’s easy to follow and perfect to keep your energy up.


A Quick Workout, Try These

For when you don’t have time for a full-length workout, try one of these. These 10-minute workouts are short yet effective, and are an excellent way to get in exercise on super-busy days.

For leg day, try this video which uses ballet movements to tone and sculpt the legs (as well as developing muscles).


The core is arguably one of the most the important muscles in the body. Strengthen it with this short video suitable for all fitness levels. As you progress, increase the length of the workout by adding up to three rounds.


Finally, a cool down and stretch routine to help you end the workout. Aside from the obvious benefits of improved flexibility, stretching limits the risk of injury during exercise.

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