10 Amazing Things That Will Transform Your Home Into Heaven

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‘Your home is your very own special place…so it should look like one as well!’

Famous architect and designer Le Corbusier once said that ‘The home should be the treasure chest of living’.

Truer words were never spoken.

The home is where you and your loved ones congregate after a long day. It holds your prized possessions and, more importantly, your treasured memories.

Your home is your very own special place…so it should look like one as well!

We hope to make that process a little easier by showing you exactly how you can turn your home into heaven in just 10 easy steps…

1) Let the light in.

transform your home

The right kind of lighting can make the world of difference to your home.

Natural lighting is one of the best tools. Opening the curtains throughout your home allows it to appear brighter and welcoming.

The effect of sunlight on productivity and overall mood has been proven by countless studies. Natural light not only improves your home but also your wellbeing.

Make use of natural light during the day. When it gets dark, use low lighting throughout your home to allow you to feel comfortable and ease you off to sleep.

2) A touch of flowers (or plants).

transform your home

Everyone loves flowers!

Why not try adding flowers to your living room or bedroom? Begonias, orchids, geraniums all make wonderful (and colorful) additions to any room.

While you’re at it, incorporate some greenery into your living spaces. The benefits of keeping plants include purifying the air, improving mood and concentration and lowering chances of illness.

The best plants to keep (whether you have a green thumb or not) are snake plant, spider plant, Boston fern and common ivy.

3) Create more space.

Sometimes one change makes the biggest difference in your home. Create the illusion of larger space by painting your walls white and also using mirrors. You’ll be surprised at the difference that it makes and just how much “more space” you have.

4) More color.

transform your home

One of the first things that you or any guest notices is the color of your walls. Consider painting each room a different color. This will give each room a unique energy and boost the vitality of your home.

Yellow is a radiant and warm color which is best for a large kitchen where guests eat. Red also works great for kitchens as it is a lively color. Green works well for the office as it is a color of growth and productivity. Consider blue for the bathroom or bedroom as a calming color.

5) The scent of home.

Rather than misting cloying and potentially dangerous room sprays throughout your home, why not use essential oils?

Essential oils are concentrated oils, so you would only require a few drops to fill a room. Lemongrass oil is a great vibrant oil whereas lavender is perfect to help you fall asleep. Cedarwood, orange, and jasmine are also excellent choices. Either place a few drops on an oil burner or create your own reed diffuser.

6) De-clutter and organise.

How many of you reading this hold onto items you’ve become attached to but no longer need? Or things you bought for later use…but have never used?

I thought so.

As simple as it sounds, just getting rid of clutter and organizing your current space adds a new lease of life to old surroundings.

7) Calm your mind.

Music has the ability to uplift, heal and calm your spirits. Play calming music, without lyrics, or the sounds of nature throughout your home. It’s an excellent way to relax in the morning or unwind after a long day.

8) Add comforting, interior touches.

transform your home

Invest in quality items such as bedding, cushions, and rugs. Turn your home into a luxurious haven. Add in a variety of textures such as silk, velvet, and fur.

9) Create your own space

Every woman needs her own space where she can go to relax. Pick a quiet room in your home and decorate it to your own liking with a few of your favorite items.

10) Turn off, tune out.

Keep all your technology in one room for a quieter, more mindful home.

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