10 Best Weight Loss Tips For Women Over 40

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weight loss tips for women over 40

Losing weight at any time in your life can be tricky, but it seems the older you get, the more difficult it can be. This is particularly true for women who are over 40; as they struggle with a slow metabolism, resulting in weight gain.

We have put together our guide to weight loss in the over 40’s; giving you the reasons why it might be trickier to shift the weight and some of our tips for how you can see results.

Why are women over 40 more prone to weight gain?


The menopause causes a hormonal change in women that can influence weight gain and slow weight loss. As women are nearer the time of menopause, the oestrogen and progesterone within their bodies will start to reduce and these hormonal changes can have an impact on metabolism and digestion. This in turn, will have an impact on how well they can lose weight and can even result in a weight gain.

Thyroid Issues

A common reason attributed to weight gain is an under active thyroid. The thyroid is responsible for producing the hormones that regulate your metabolism, meaning that a thyroid that is not producing enough of these hormones (under active) will decrease your metabolism.

Sleeping issues

weight loss tips for women over 40

Many women who are currently experiencing menopause, will report they have changes in their sleeping pattern. Insomnia and problems falling asleep can lead to low energy levels and feelings of fatigue, which can lead to chronic sleep deprivation.

Chronic sleep deprivation is also linked to elevated cortisol levels within the body, which can result to fat gain.

Top tips for weight loss in the over 40’s

Despite the above reasons it is possible to lose weight over the age of 40; and we have put together some of our top tips to help you!

Reduce your stress

Life can be stressful, we all know that, but what you might not realize is that stress can affect your hormones and metabolic rate too. If you are struggling to deal with stress in your life, then why not try yoga or meditation to try and lower these levels? Not only will a hormonal balance help you feel less anxious, but it can also help you lose weight too.

Lower your calories

If you want to lose weight, then the best way is to reduce your calorie intake. It is recommended that women over the age of 40 aim for a daily calorie intake of between 1,200 and 1,600.

Eating foods that boost metabolism

weight loss tips for women over 40

Speeding up your metabolism is an important factor in weight loss and there are particular foods that you can eat to boost it. Whole grain cereals, low fat yogurt, skimmed milk, oatmeal, green tea, apples and broccoli are just some of the foods that will act as a power pack for your body’s metabolic rate.

Look after your liver

Your liver is a vital part of your body, it not only provides a detoxification service but it also burns fat too. Gaining weight, especially around your abdomen can be a sign that there are some issues with your liver function. This can be improved by detoxing your liver; which involves cutting down on trans-fatty acids, sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Sleep more

We have already seen that lack of sleep can be a contributing factor of weight gain, so it is vital that you get enough sleep every night. Especially if you are looking to lose weight.

Exercise regularly

Your body works differently after 40, which means that you might need to approach exercise a different way. It is recommended that women over the age of 40 should include weight training in their exercise plan, as this will compensate for the falling hormones and their effect on muscle mass.

Hopefully these tips have shown you that just because you are growing older, you don’t have to accept weight gain as a side effect. Simply making some changes to your lifestyle and eating habits can have you feeling healthy as you age!

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